'Are You the One?' Recap: The Guys' Exes Dish Embarrassing Dirt

What's the best way to learn about your possible dream partner or get to know what he's like as a boyfriend? Ask his ex, of course!

At least that's the way MTV decided to shake things up when they brought in the exes of all of their male contestants on this week's Are You the One? For last night's challenge, the female cast members had the chance to chat up each of the gentlemen's exes and listen to their stories of why the past relationships failed. Then they had to match each ex to the current house member. Sounds easy enough.


And it was for four of the women, who were able to correctly identify the majority of the guys with their past girlfriends. That's somewhat scary since they heard stories of how Adam blew off his ex one night because he had to get a spray tan from his mother (yes, you read that correctly), or how Chris Scali's ex admitted that they still hook up and she will never be out of the picture. Honestly, it's a miracle these guys still had potential matches at the end of the night. And poor Ryan, whose ex revealed that he once gave her a gas mask, a tie-dye kit, and jumper cables for her birthday. That's just beyond embarrassing.

Totally kidding. He gave her jumper cables. Dude deserves to be called out on national television.

Then again, when the ex comes back in the picture and tries to actively interfere with a current relationship, awkward revelations are pretty much inevitable. You had it coming, Ryan. Personally, I'd want to know what my current partner was like in their past relationships, because learning how they handled a difficult situation or a breakup can say a lot about a person.

But as tempting as it might be to seek information from a partner's past, I highly doubt that a jilted ex is the best source. No matter how the relationship ended, whether it was amicable or just downright nasty, the ex's take on things might not be completely impartial or detached. Because, let's be honest, if the roles were reversed, would you have only nice things to say about your ex? That's right, I didn't think so.

Would you ever go to your partner's ex for information?


Image via MTV

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