Jenelle Evans Gets Sweet Revenge on Courtland Rogers for Nude Photo Leak

courtland rogersAfter nude photos of Jenelle Evans hit the web, she was angry. And her anger was mainly directed at Courtland Rogers, since he's the person who most likely leaked them. So, know what she did? She broke Courtland and his girlfriend up. Boom! In ya face, Rogers.

Jenelle apparently called Courtland's girlfriend, Samantha, to tell her god knows what about Courtland, and in turn, she dumped his ass. "Well I'm glad my ex-wife @PBandJenelley_1 just assisted n making me become single guess u and her had a great conversation @MissSamanthaLin," Courtland tweeted, to which Jenelle responded, "haha we had like a 45 mins convo! It was great. Nathan and Babs chimed in." Damn.

If Courtland did, in fact, leak naked pictures of his estranged wife, he definitely deserved what Jenelle did to him. If he didn't, though, which is what he's claiming, sucks for him!

Do you think Courtland leaked the photos?


Image via Courtland Rogers

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