Farrah Abraham's Latest Tweet Proves She's the Most Delusional Human Alive

farrah abrahamIn case you were having a temporary moment of insanity and thought Farrah Abraham was one of the sane human beings of the world, allow me to unveil her latest tweet for your reading pleasure:


Uh, WTF is this, you guys? Is Farrah serious or is this a joke? I'm honestly asking you, because I really don't know. Somebody can't be that delusional, right? Isn't that illegal?

It's fantastic if Farrah is so resilient that she doesn't let the people who trash talk her get her down. But to think that they're really just admirers who can't seem to find the right words for her is straight up cray. Like her.

Do you think this tweet is a joke or real?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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