Naked Photos of Jenelle Evans Leaked ... Guess Who Released Them

jenelle evansJenelle Evans recently had her privacy seriously violated when nude photos of her hit the web. Most sources are claiming Jenelle's soon-to-be ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, leaked the pics, but others are scratching their heads, wondering if Jenelle leaked the naked pics herself in order to make some quick cash.

I wouldn't really put much past Jenelle, but in this case, I'm wont to believe she wasn't behind the scandal. According to sources, Jenelle was extremely upset and depressed when she found out what happened, and she even deleted her Twitter account for 0.2 seconds in an attempt to get away from all the hate that was being thrown her way.


My heart goes out to Jenelle. If there ever was something you wouldn't want to hit the web, this right here is it. And if you're hoping to see the pics, Google Image them yourself. I will provide you with no such linkage here. But warning: Super NSFW! And double warning: You might not want to be eating when you view them!

Who do you think leaked the pics?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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