Maci Bookout & Her Valentine Act Like Children

MaciJust because we haven't heard from Maci Bookout and her lovah Taylor McKinney lately, don't let that make you think their passion has simmered. Oh no. Quite the opposite. This Teen Mom and her long-term (and long-distance) boy-toy are still very much together -- even though he lives in Texas and she lives in Tennessee! It's like an old-fashioned fairy tale only with Twitter! The two depend on social media to keep them connected even when circumstances, time, tide, and Gandalf keep them apart.


In fact, their distance is part of what helps keeps things fresh. I mean, one glance at their Twitter exchanges and you can tell the spark is still there. They tease each other like small children! Maci recently tweeted at Taylor asking him if he'd be her Valentine. His playful response of "maybe if ur nice" led to some hilarious annoyance from his lady-fair. They might be full grown adults, but it's nice to see that when it comes to love, they are young at heart.

Do you think Maci and Taylor are in it for the long haul?

Image via Instagram

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