Juan Pablo Thinks He Did Cassandra a Favor by Ruining Her Birthday​

Juan Pablo Galavis & ladiesUgh. How bad did you feel for poor Cassandra last night on The Bachelor when Juan Pablo Galavis sent her packing unexpectedly before the rose ceremony?!?

She was so innocent and excited when he asked to talk to her for a second time after the cocktail party in New Zealand -- but of course, all of us watching at home knew exactly what was about to go down. (Which made the breakup even more painful to watch.)

But in a new blog post, Juan Pablo shared his thoughts on sending Cassandra home early -- on her 22nd birthday, nonetheless.


Here's what he had to say. Er, I mean write. (Whatever.)

Sending Cassandra home that night was very hard. When I got back to the girls I told them that she is a wonderful woman and deserves a great guy, but that I wasn't the right guy for her. The other girls then told me that night was her birthday, and I almost died. I was devastated, and at first I thought, "What a birthday present I just gave Cassandra!" I felt horrible.

After thinking about it longer, I realized that it was better to be honest with her and that she would now get to spend her birthday at home with her son. That made me feel better.

Huh. Let me get this straight. Juan Pablo honestly believes he did Cassandra a favor by dumping her on her birthday so she could spend it with her son?!?

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Ok, so I sort of see his point -- but does he truly think she's ever going to forget about how and when he cut her loose? On every single birthday she has from here on out, she's going to wake up and say, "Oh. This was the day my boyfriend kicked me to the curb on national television because he really just wasn't as into me as the other handful of chicks he was dating."

I'm sorry, but he really does owe her an apology even if he sent her packing with the best intentions at heart. And for her sake, I hope her family and friends plan something totally amazeballs for her 23rd birthday in the hopes of making her forget about her 22nd altogether.

Do you think Juan Pablo was right to let Cassandra go when he did?


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