You Won't Believe What Nasty Name Farrah Abraham Called Jenelle Evans

Farrah AbrahamYou know you're in trouble when Jenelle Evans is telling you to stop causing drama. I mean, she's the queen of all drama and if she's telling you to simmer? It's serious. Clearly Farrah Abraham never got that memo because she's still going strong. Today it's being reported that Farrah threw even more fuel onto the fire of her feud with Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. She could have been quiet and been the bigger person. But you know what they say: You can't teach a backdoor Teen Mom new tricks.


Responding to the latest slams from team Evans-Griffith, Jenelle pulled the ultimate low-blow. She called Jenelle "white trash"! Whaaaaaat? It's rare that in a fight, I'm in Jenelle's corner (usually I'm just, you know, running away), but Farrah owes Jenelle a HUGE apology. The only reason Jenelle spoke up to begin with was to call out Farrah for "concern trolling" her about her second pregnancy.

Admittedly, this then led to some nasty back and forth that devolved into Nathan Griffith saying Farrah was a "crack addicted prostitute," which yeah -- maybe kicked things up a notch. Or seven. Still, Jenelle had a point. Farrah should never have stuck her nose where it wasn't wanted. Here's hoping this most recent comment about Jenelle will be the last she makes for a while.

Who do you think is more at fault?


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