Jenelle Evans Loves Seeing Courtland Rogers Suffer a Little Too Much

jenelle evansJenelle Evans, man. One minute, she's posting cute baby bump photos and seeming like she's got it all together, the next she's tweeting about how Courtland Rogers's girlfriend is pregnant with another dude's baby.

On Monday, Jenelle retweeted a link to a Teen Mom Truths story, which talks about how Courtland's girlfriend got knocked up by another dude whilst he was still in jail. I mean, we all know Courty B is about as a dirtbag as it gets, but was this really necessary for Jenelle to tweet? Shouldn't she just be moving on with her life and not worrying what Courtland is up to? Sure, they're still technically married, but she's pregnant with another man's baby and trying to better her life. This right here? This won't better her life.


Jenelle, my advice is to not worry what other people are doing. Focus on yourself and your baby and trying to become a better person. I mean, seriously, does sharing an article on Courtland Rogers's girlfriend seem like something a "better" person would do? I don't think so.

What do you think of Jenelle retweeting this story?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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