Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Sequel Is MUCH Raunchier Than the First

farrah abrahamFor those of you who were brave enough to check out Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's original sex tape out of curiosity, my thoughts and prayers are with your eyes. But now, just around the time your retinas have likely pieced themselves back together, the Teen Mom star is back. Literally. Farrah has decided to grace the world with yet another pornographic video, and, uh, from the looks of things, guys? The vid, which is set to be released Thursday, is going be way more raunchy than the first. Sweet Jesus.

If you want all the details on Farrah's newest sex tape (along with photos that are all but impossible to erase from your memory), head on over to Fishwrapper. This is a family site, for goodness' sake! But I will say this: There's a swing involved. That's right. Farrah went there.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham's weird porn career?


Image via Farrah Abraham

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