Farrah Abraham Caught Telling Bald-Faced Lie About 'Sex Tape'

farrah abrahamRemember that time Farrah Abraham starred in a porno? Of course you do! Now, remember that time Farrah Abraham tried to pawn her porn as a "leaked sex tape"? Bahahahaha! That was a good one, especially since it starred a well-known adult film star. But anyway. TMZ has now obtained proof in the form of emails between Abraham and Vivid, the company that released the "sex tape," that it was, in fact, completely fabricated, and nothing about it was an accident at all. And adding insult to injury, the emails show that Farrah even signed on for a sequel, which they're planning to release!


Of course, we all knew Farrah's sex tape was nothing but a big ol' publicity stunt, but there's something oddly satisfying about seeing Farrah caught red-handed. Can't wait to hear the name of the sequel. Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom Gets Even More Back Doorer? Eh, I'll let the geniuses at Vivid work their magic. Noses to the grindstone, guys!

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Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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