'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Dorothy Can't Stop Crying & It's Hilarious

Dorothy and Morgan Talk about a ruined anniversary vacation. This trip to Mexico is proving to be nigh on endless. This week, on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, the gang continued to live it up, speak blisteringly bad Spanish, ride in yachts, and otherwise offend with stereotypes both racist and homophobic. Though admittedly, Dorothy Wang making a joke about the ancient practice of foot-binding made me lol. It was unexpected and, therefore, delightful.

The real drama this week took place at the gang's Sunday night sushi dinner. Dorothy was drinking all day -- mixing tequila and vodka like a pro/total fool. When the bill came at the end of the meal, Roxy made a joke about the fight she and Dorothy once had at the same restaurant over a bill. The truth of the matter is this -- Dorothy was in the wrong seven years ago. If you are wealthy, you can afford not to fight over a check. But still -- it was seven years ago! And a joke! And whatever, who cares! 


You know who cares? Deeply, deeply inebriated Dorothy cares. Unable to realize that she's being teased, or to take any criticism, deep into her cups as she is, Dorothy devolves into a sobbing mess. The best part was when, tears streaming down her face, she kept loudly assuring everyone present that she had no intention of crying. Oh girl, that ship sailed many, many minutes ago. 

Poor Morgan Stewart just wanted her anniversary trip to go smoothly. Future ref, Morgs -- in order to make sure that happens next year, don't invite your punk-ass friends and their assorted Birkins to tag along. Morgan loudly scolded the group for "ruining her anniversary," which just made Dorothy sob louder. Hilariously, this is exactly what was needed to diffuse the mood. It went from tense and angsty to, "Lord that girl, lol, get her some water! It's not a big deal!" Dorothy's drunken hysterics put the evening's 'drama' into perspective and the friends went on to enjoy the rest of the trip together. Sweet.

Who do you like on the show? I'm torn! This week I was all about EJ. 


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