'Girls' Recap: Hannah Sells Her Soul to Corporate America

girls recap hannahPeople talk about selling out all the time. Maybe the dream is to be a fashion designer but you end up doing knits for a mall store. Or you want to be a writer of novels but you end up working at a magazine ... writing advertorials. That's what is happening to Hannah on this episode of HBO's Girls. She's a GQ staff writer, but it's sponsored by Neiman Marcus and the editor in charge of the section she is writing for -- her boss -- is played by the Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's creative director and large black-rimmed glasses wearer. Adorable.

At first Hannah first loves the job. And the free snacks. Then when she tells her co-workers how she is a real writer and not an advertorial writer, they all put her in her place letting her know that they didn't grow up dreaming they would write ad copy thinly disguised as editorial either.


They had dreams. Big dreams. Poetry dreams. Personal essay writing dreams. Novelist dreams. Just like she does. But bills needed to get paid. Health insurance was needed. And so corporate America wooed and won.

Kind of like Ray wooed Marnie. Kind of like the acting audition wooed Adam. Kind of like Jessa working at that baby store. Kind of like Shosh getting it on all crazy style with a guy she doesn't really like.

Are too many of us just selling out because we feel we have to? Is it all selling out or just testing out new things? What does it all mean?

Maybe too many of us are always looking for this ideal that isn't really ideal. That bigger better thing ... that doesn't exist. Maybe the best thing is the thing we take for granted. Maybe.

Hannah ends up crying at her desk. She goes home and tells Adam she's going to write for three hours every day after work. And just as she finishes telling him, she falls asleep. Snuggling her laptop. Dreaming instead of following her dream. It's hard to have it all. When you're young and aspiring to be whatever you aspire to be, career is the most important thing. Sometimes that changes. 

Did you watch this episode of Girls? What did you think?

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