'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Recap: ZOMG Not the Dowager Countess!

dowager countessWas anyone else annoyed with the way they toyed with us in this week's episode of Downton Abbey? They SAID there would be no more untimely deaths on the show. But then the Dowager Countess comes down with a sudden illness, and I found myself throwing things at the television and yelling in exactly the kind of vulgar manner Violet would have found completely unacceptable. But oh those jerks! Why do they have to manipulate us like that? Let's discuss.

SPOILER ALERT! Here be spoilers. 


Well thank goodness she recovered. I guess this was all just a flimsy plot device created to give poor Isobel a reason to live. She sure did come to life, nursing the old crank back to health. Finally, Isobel feels useful again! Maybe she'll take up some interest in that project Dr. Clarkson is starting instead of meddling in Violet's affairs all the time.

So there's that crisis. The other is Lady Edith's pregnancy. Mercy me, whatever shall we do about it? After how disapproving Aunt Rosamund was over Edith's sexcapade, it's no wonder the girl didn't feel like she could trust her aunt. But thank goodness she opened up to Rosamund after all, and they went together to the (shudder) abortionist. I can only imagine how dangerous that would have been in those days. I'm pro-choice as the day is long, but under those circumstances? I think Edith is better off keeping her baby. Anyway, her family certainly has the resources to support her and her child, even if it means a step down socially.

(Ooh, did you hear that Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery are next-door neighbors? I love that even if Edith and Mary can't abide each other, the actresses are good friends.) 

Speaking of the social ladder, think maybe that cute young lady Tom met at the political meeting will keep him at Downton instead of running off to America? Sure hope so. That's one plot we can see coming a mile away. Tom's as good as remarried as far as I can tell. 

Another totally predictable plot line: Bates is so murdering Green, any day now. Stupid man just had to go on and on about how he hated that opera performance and came downstairs to escape it. Pan over to Bates, who has his "I WILL KILL YOU OH YES I WILL" look on his face. Please, Bates, just do it carefully so you don't get caught and Anna never knows!

Finally, I loved the whole muddy, sloppy, pig-saving romance between Mary and Mr. Blake. Pig slop never looked so sexy. I'm totally feeling it with these two. And nothing says let's-get-it-on like making someone eggs. I'm just saying -- they're a symbol of fertility, and besides, what do egg whites remind us all of? Oh my, Violet would not approve of that association, would she.

Do you think we'll ever see Michael Gregson again? And will Bates get away with killing Green?


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