Jenelle Evans' Ex Makes It Clear He's Not Over Her

Gary HeadJenelle Evans may have moved on from her former fiance Gary Head, but that doesn't mean the feeling is mutual. Gary just proved as much with his recently acquired tattoo: A full-scale black and white portrait of Jenelle that spans the length and width of his chest. I kid, I kid. What he actually got tattooed though is basically just as creepy. 


Taking an actual page from Jenelle's book, Gary got a tattoo that reads, "And in time this too shall pass." Whoa. Super-freak. He can't have so short a memory as to forget that his famous ex has a tattoo that reads, "Cela Passera Aussi." That's French for THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. At least Jenelle's classed hers up by getting inked in the language of lurv. What the hell kind of a message is Gary trying to send Jenelle?! After all, the twosome did share a passion for ink -- remember their matching YOLO tattoos? However much he might say otherwise, this sounds like Gary is trying to win back Jenelle's heart. Run, Jenelle! 

What do you think Gary's trying to say with this message?


Image via Instagram 

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