Cruel 'Walking Dead' Zombie Prank Scares Pedestrians Half to Death (VIDEO)

Walking Dead prankYou've got to appreciate how AMC chooses to promote its top-rated show. Not only did they hype The Walking Dead's upcoming mid-season premiere with a gory "zombie bowl" that aired on February 2 (as it turned out, the bloody slaughter that went down during that series marathon was probably less cringeworthy than what was happening to the Broncos) (HEY-OHHH!), they recently dreamed up a hilarious prank for unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Did I say hilarious? I mean incredibly cruel. (IE, hilarious.) Basically, AMC put a bunch of fake walkers under a SIDEWALK GRATE in order to scare the pants off random passersby. The caught-on-video results: pretty much exactly as awesome as you'd think they would be.


The prank went down in Manhattan's Union Square last Friday, and AMC prepped by setting up the grate and decking out some participants in full Walking Dead-style makeup. Dozens of snarling, groaning walkers were then stashed under the grate (which featured some handy cutouts) in order to lunge out and reach for pedestrians.

Check it out:

I have to say, a few of these people had a surprisingly calm reaction to being attacked by the living dead. I'm pretty sure I would have 1) wet my pants, 2) had a heart attack and died, then 3) reanimated in order to wet my pants again. I don't even think I would have been able to run away. I would have been like this:

Agencies and networks seem to be loving the "viral horror prank" lately, which is a trend that is both entertaining and suuuuuuper mean. While the zombie gag must have given a few folks a bad moment or two, it pales in comparison to this elaborate setup done to promote the LG Ultra HD TV. Take a look at these terrified job interviewees reacting to a giant city-destroying METEOR:

OMG. I can't believe they even turned the lights off afterwards.

In conclusion, with marketers dreaming up these sorts of horrible stunts, we should never venture from our houses again. The good news is The Walking Dead comes back on this Sunday, so we don't even need to leave the couch.

How bad would you freak out if a zombie came through a GRATE at you? Which would be worse if you were the mark: the zombies or the meteor?

Image via AMC/YouTube

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