Farrah Abraham's Second Sex Tape Is Even More Shocking

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham may claim that she's done with the world of sex-tape making, but Vivid Entertainment doesn't agree. The team behind her first film, Backdoor Mom with James Deen, has announced that the rumors are true: They are releasing A SEQUEL to the film. It's going to be called Farrah 2: Backdoor & More. What it lacks in its title, Vivid swears it will make up for with over an hour of unreleased footage that will "teach porn stars some new moves." Oy vey. Looks like whether she likes it or not, Farrah's back in the adult movie-making industry. 


This news is pretty depressing, especially in light of the stories Farrah's told lately about how making the movie "ruined her life." It's super-disturbing that they are releasing this cobbled-together footage. Especially after Farrah's frank discussion of how making and promoting the movie led to her being "raped more than once." Vivid has no issue with continuing to milk Farrah's trauma for a profit. She's freely admitted that making the tape was a mistake. Why should she have to keep paying for it? 

Do you think Farrah brought this upon herself?


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