Kailyn Lowry Shares Gory Details Behind Recent Surgery

Kailyn Lowry We love how much Kailyn Lowry is willing to share with her fans -- but when it comes to her latest dental procedure, a little bit of sharing has gone a long way. In addition to getting her adult braces removed, Kailyn also had surgery on her gums for cosmetic reasons. We applaud anything anyone chooses to do to make themselves feel better. And we think the results here look great. 


It's a good thing we do, because sister-friend is not afraid to share all the gory details with us. I guess that's because as a dental assistant, pics like these are all in a day's work. She just shared a pic on Instagram of her teeth and gums before and after braces and surgery taken at her dentist's office. The results put side by side are pretty staggering. It's cool, in a science-y kind of way. That said, I feel a little weird knowing what the inside of her mouth looks like better than I know my own.

Did you like seeing these pics or did it feel like an over-share?


Image via Instagram

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