‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Gives Fans an Incredible Chance to Get Up Close (VIDEO)

downton abbey contest be the changeEvery Sunday night, after the credits for Downton Abbey roll, I wish for one thing: To sneak into that great house and try on all those amazing dresses. Or play with the gorgeous copper cookery. Or ... oh hey, guess what? Maybe I'll get my chance! A fundraiser is offering fans the chance to visit the Downton Abbey set! Yes, you, ordinary mortal, and probably American at that, could get the chance to travel to London and check out Lord Grantham's digs. Did I mention the perks? Well, you don't want to hear those details from me. Here's a most diverting video of the Downton cast giving you the whole DL on how you might reclaim your rightful home. I mean -- what you could win.


This is all for a serious cause -- they're raising funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines via a charity called Be the Change. And it'll only cost you $10 to enter, which means even if you're a mere footman (ahem, Molesley), you can probably afford to enter. But enough about the details. You want to see this video!

Do you think they'll really send a valet or maid to dress you for the set? I hope so -- and I hope they let you wear one of the costumes! I read that they're terribly delicate, though, so maybe not. (Yes, I have pored over a book about all things Downton. No, I'm not obsessed, not really. Why do you ask?)

If you happen to win. Wait, not if, WHEN! When you win, could you please do me some favors? Have a sit in every single one of those fancy sofas. Please beg Tom not to leave because we need his face here. Give the babies a squeeze for me. Pinch Violet's bottom. Make sure someone is taking video when you do that. Squash a pie into Thomas' face. Tickle Branson until he cracks a smile. And give Anna a big hug and tell her she just needs time to heal.

Yes, I KNOW it's just a show and they're all actors. Haha. Yeah. I know that!

Anyway, enter to win by going to Omaze.com/abbey. Good luck!

What would you want to do if you could visit the set of Downton Abbey?


Image via Omaze/YouTube

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