Kailyn Lowry's Support Might Be the Last Thing Jenelle Evans Needs

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry is such a sweetheart -- it's crazy that her friendship with Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans is as strong as it is. You would think that goodie-goodie Kailyn would give this reformed bad-girl a wide berth. But Kailyn is nothing if not super supportive. After this week's episode of the show, she took to the Twitter-waves to applaud her friend Jenelle for getting sober and staying that way. Sweet!


Jenelle definitely seemed to appreciate it a bunch, responding back to her friend, just as nice as can be. But does reminding Jenelle how hard and crappy things used to be for her really help her? Praising her for her good choices is one thing, but reminding her of all her past struggles has got to hurt a little bit. Still, if Jenelle's not feeling that way about it, who are we to judge? Regardless, we hope these two focus less on their past struggles and more on all the joy the future has in store for them. Yay for besties!

Did you think Kailyn was being supportive or a busy-body?


Image via Instagram

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