'Modern Family' Recap: Phil's Drone Is Put to Seriously Bad Use

Ty and Julie This week's episode was all about boundaries, trust -- and how no one in the Dunphy-Pritchett clan is capable of maintaining one or the other. That makes it sound like the episode was dour. It absolutely wasn't. Chuckles abounded throughout. While there were plenty of touching moments, the absolute best beat this episode was a comedic one. Which I guess should be unsurprising in a 22-minute comedy. 

Claire and Phil began to suspect that Luke was up to no good and lying about where he and his step-uncle Manny were going after school. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to validate their suspicions -- Luke wasn't where he said he was, and his parents used all manner of hilarious gadgets to track him down. It was like 24 or NCIS. Or some weird hybrid of the two. NC241. Which sounds like the rating for an explicit film. Moving on.


Everybody has doubted their kid at some point, so that was totally something everyone related with. But not every parent has then used their GPS and eventually A FLYING CAMERA DRONE to get to the heart of what's actually going on. It was amazing how few scruples Claire had when it came to spying on her kids. She was abashed when she figured out Luke wasn't doing anything inappropriate, but nowhere near as disheartened as Phil who was miffed to be left out of the movie Luke was making.

This moment was the perfect combination, poking fun at controlling parents (like, they were LITERAL helicopter parents) and a comment on how ridiculously quick we are to let technology take on a crucial role in our daily lives. Seriously, who needs a drone? Not the Dunphys. But I know that if I had access to one, there are very few people who I wouldn't spy on. Also if I became invisible, I am sure I would go Hollow Man almost immediately. Yeah, just straight evil.

What's the craziest level of spying you've ever done on a friend or loved one?


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