Ramona Singer's Marriage Might Not Be Over Just Yet

Ramona Singer Though the death knell for the marriage of Ramona and Mario Singer might have sounded when she filed for divorce, sometimes life can be a whole lot more complicated. Rumors are flying that could spell a possible reconciliation between the two! That part's not totally surprising. On the one hand, they were married just shy of 30 years. By that token it would be only natural for Ramona and Mario to try and work things out after such a long chunk of time.

But none of that factors in Mario's much-younger mistress, Kasey Dexter. When there's another woman involved, things get infinitely more complicated. That's why news that Mario's DUMPED Kasey seems to be lending more credence to the notion that he and Ramona haven't thrown in the towel just yet. Sure, she may have already filed, but in Housewife land, that means nothing! Just look and NeNe and Gregg Leakes


It's easy to remain skeptical about the twosome ever working it out. After all, their marriage presumably ended not with a whimper, but a bang. In other words, Ramona caught Mario banging someone else, presumably Kasey. Their argument then escalated to a point where the police had to be called in order to intervene. Yeah, not exactly a picture of marital bliss.

Then there are the reports that Mario's taking Kasey out to all of Ramona's favorite places and that he even bought her an apartment. But that story's actually a tough sell. Consider the source -- it's a good friend of Kasey's. Is it a coincidence that she has a friend loudly announcing how together she and Mario are in the wake of reports that Mario's dumped her and is desperate to return to his wife? I definitely smell a rat. While Ramona and Mario might not be back together tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised based on these tidbits alone if they tried to work it all out.

Do you think Ramona and Mario are done for good?

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