Kailyn Lowry Is Taking Her Career in a Surprising Direction

Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry has always taken her future seriously. Even with Isaac to look after and less support than she needed, she managed to go to school and complete her certification as a dental assistant. That's a gig that paid off in more ways than one. Not only was her pride bolstered by receiving the degree, and not only could she put bacon on the table for her little family, but she's also come away from work with a killer smile. One of the job's little perks, I'm sure.

But now Kailyn is talking about what the future holds, and it sounds like she's got a change of career in mind. Kailyn is planning on going back to school to get her bachelor's degree. Her plan is, with Javi's support, to be able to attend classes full-time. What will she be studying while in attendance? Why T.V. and film, of course silly!


Let's pause and do a happy dance -- Kailyn's planning a career in television, whoo-hoo! We got nervous in the past when she implied that she was tired of life in the spotlight and couldn't wait for Teen Mom 2 to be over. Little did we know she only meant that she couldn't wait to get her KIDS away from the camera. As for Kailyn, she's not going anywhere.

From the sounds of things, she'd be equally happy working behind the camera as she would be in front of it. She did mention being the host of some sort of show, and can we just discuss how we'd watch the heck out of anything she decided to dabble in as a professional host? Because let's be real -- she'd be great at it! Her smile's already camera ready. It's awesome to see that Kailyn keeps setting goals for herself. It's even more awesome when those goals benefit us, her fans. 

What reality shows can you see Kailyn hosting?


Image via Instagram 

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