'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Spencer Is Losing Her Mind!

Spencer Hastings This week on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings went from nerd with a penchant for the occasional "study aid" to full blown sleep-deprived speed-freak. Between juggling schoolwork, the perpetually expanding mystery about Ali, and the odd date with her ab-tastic boyfriend, it was only natural that even type-A Spencer would find herself on the verge of a nervous collapse. Someone prepare her swooning couch! 

But we didn't think she'd be so quick to jump to the use of pharmaceutical assistance. Though I guess that's how it happens in life, so why not? I've made myself sad. Anyway, it's very punk rock and awful of her. Next up, destroying hotel rooms or, more accurately, her local branch of Crabtree and Evelyn for the crime of being sold out of her favorite lavender hand cream.


It's weird that Spencer would let illegally procured drugs take over her life so quickly without so much as a thought. She was all in. It was weird. Why? Well for one, she's already viewed by all and sundry as being emotionally fragile. Um, anyone remember how she 'faked' her own insanity and had to be briefly institutionalized when she thought Toby was dead? Yeah. If Hamlet has taught us nothing else (and it hasn't), it's that in order to play mad, you've got to be a little bit mad. 

Also, for a woman who's so doggedly on the path to getting to the truth about Alison, this isn't the way to go about getting people to believe her claims. You'd think she'd realize that her drug habit would undermine her credibility when it comes to stuff like, oh, I don't know, accusing your best friend's boyfriend of being the evil mastermind behind the events of the last few years? Spencer really thinks she's on to something about Ezra being A, and his creepy behavior this episode (HELLO EZRA'S WHACK-ASS BASEMENT DEN FULL OF CHICKPEAS) definitely supports her theories. But what good is that if no one believes a word she's saying?

I still think Ezra's a giant red herring. Do you think he's A?


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