'Bachelor' Recap: Juan Pablo Humiliates Clare After 'Taking Things Too Far'

Juan Pablo Galavis & ladies

Whoa. Um, so far this season of The Bachelor has been pretty boring, to say the least -- but things definitely went up a notch or two in Vietnam this week.

Let's just go ahead and cut to the chase. Did Juan Pablo and Clare do the dirty in the ocean or did Juan Pablo and Clare do the dirty in the ocean? I don't care what anyone says -- when she went back to surprise him for a middle of the night swim after their group date, they did more than simply frolic in the "hot" waves.

Sure ... there was frolicking. But something tells me there were other activities taking place that start with the letter "F." Meaning "funny business." (Get your head out of the gutter.)


OMG. Seriously, people! Why in the hell would Juan Pablo regret taking a swim in the ocean with Clare and having his daughter see it on TV if all they actually did was swim?!? Something tells me plenty more went on than what we saw on camera, which is why he freaked out and immediately regretted "taking things so far" with her.

But you know what? If that's the case, and he and Clare really did go all the way (or got close to it) -- I don't blame her one bit for being upset and pissed off. Um, he agreed to whatever went on between them. And something tells me he wasn't exactly hesitant when "it" was going on -- so of course the poor girl feels insulted and hurt after he basically told her he regrets getting physical.

It will be pretty interesting to see how things progress between them from here on out, but we can probably bet on Clare's time with good old Juan P. being cut short much sooner than we expected. From the way it looks now, he's "been there, done that" -- and there are still like eight women left for him to get way too serious with too fast, which puts Clare at a total disadvantage.

But ... if he really does dump her right after "you know" -- it does put her in a good position to be the next Bachelorette. So there's that. Who cares about being dumped directly after going all the way if you at least get a decent TV gig out of it?

Do you think Juan Pablo and Clare had sex?


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