'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Carlton Gebbia Ruins Dinner With a Witch-Hunt of Her Own

Carlton GebbiaIt is a good thing that Carlton Gebbia made it clear at the top of this week's episode that she no longer trucks in the dark arts. If she did, Kyle Richards better start checking the shower drain for long skeins of her own hair. Because Carlton is out for vengeance and everyone knows Kyle's strength comes from her tresses, like Samson and Fabio before her. 

What did Kyle do to incur Carlton's wrath? You guys. It was nothing. Less than nothing. Yet Carlton still felt well within her rights to go after Kyle, and at Mauricio and Ken's shared birthday fete of all places! Timing is everything, and any place festooned with roses and any time where Giggy is in formal attire is NEVER it. 


What it boils down to is this: Carlton does not like Kyle. That's fine. We are allowed not to like people. What we aren't allowed to do is loudly tell everyone that we had a dream someone was saying mean things about us, thus validating our hidden belief that said person is the devil. This week Carlton must have realized how foolish her dream-hate seemed, because she added Kyle's refusal to use Carlton's bathroom as more proof of her wicked ways.

Hilariously, Kyle wasn't talking sh*t, she was talking ABOUT sh*t. Specifically, how its aroma kept her from using the bathroom at Carlton's pool party. Yes. The head was bangin' and Kyle mentioned it, leaving Carlton enraged. This was a fight adult women were having. It was kind of too much. When Jax Taylor throwing Kevin Lee into a swimming pool seems normal by comparison, you need to check your actions. Everyone clamored to Kyle's defense, even Brandi Glanville, who pointed out the general theme of Carlton's vendetta -- Carlton's looking for something about Kyle to get angry about that just isn't there. 

That was intense. Let's decompress with some closing words courtesy of Lisa's party planner, Kevin Lee, and his short-shorts:

Kevin Lee

Did you think Carlton had ANY reason to be annoyed? I really feel like she didn't at all. Kyle's made a real effort!


Image via BravoTV

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