Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Rumor Just Took the Stupidest Turn Yet

Bruce Jenner Oh boy. More just in on Bruce Jenner's alleged transition from man-person to woman-person. Reports indicate that Bruce has picked a name. Much as Brucilla was the fan favorite, it seems that Bruce has gone another way. According to sources he's settled on the moniker of Brigitte, taking a cue from French screen siren, Brigitte Bardot. I'll give credit where credit's due -- Bruce has impeccable taste. 

All that said, can we stop pretending that Bruce is in any way actually getting gender reassignment surgery? I mean, it's just plain ridiculous (not to mention ultimately, none of our business). Bruce is just doing what scores of recently spurned Hollywood wives have done before him: Getting a surgical refreshment before putting themselves back out on the dating market. 


Think about it, Bruce's ideas about what 'beautiful' mean to him have always been Exhibit his facelifts and the styling of his (surely sentient) hair. His recent alleged procedures easily line up with the cosmetic maintenance he's been doing on the down-low for years. Why on earth we've decided to all band together and decide Bruce has a secret gender identity disorder is truly beyond me.

Plus, he's a Kardashian (I know, he's actually a Jenner, but you know what I mean). You think if he was transitioning we wouldn't have heard about it already? Come on. Kris Jenner and he are still co-parents to Kylie and Kendall Jenner. You know that whatever's going on between them, Kris is going to help Bruce out if only to make things easier for their daughters.

Kris, whatever other words about her you might want to toss hither and yon, is an excellent P.R. woman. She took her daughter's sex tape fiasco and made an empire! You think she'd let something like her husband's decision to become female quietly eek out like this? Absolutely not. She'd spin it and get Bruce his own show and product line. You know I'm right.

Do you think this rumor is as bogus as we do?


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