'Girls' Recap: WTF Marnie & Ray?!

girlsWhen first watching this episode of HBO's Girls I really wanted to talk all about Hannah's flesh colored gecko half-shirt. I mean .... Were those geckos on there with puffy paint? She looked so much better naked than in that top. What was that top?! Horrible. Horrible.

But I'm not here to judge anyone's fashion sense. In fact, we just need to get right to it and discuss the real crazy that went down on this episode of Girls. Marnie and Ray had sex.


There was so many uncomfortable moments in this episode. David's funeral. Ack! Everything with Adam's sister. Yikes! But the stuff with Marnie and Ray was ... wow.

I kind of saw it coming. It's kind of hard when a gorgeous girl shows up at your door and asks for a guy to tell her what's wrong with her. What in the world was Marnie thinking? Did she want this? Is this some kind of get back at Charlie thing? A power move? Shosh?!?! What would she think?

Too many things. Too many things!

Super uncomfortable episode. What is happening with Marnie? These one-night stands with guys she knows? Remember Elijah?

So they do it. We get a glimpse of Ray's ass. Marnie is a little unhappy with how many layers he's wearing. They have sex. And then it's done. And we don't really know much except that it's awkward. For us. To watch. When she leaves Ray mentions that they maybe should keep it between them and she coldly replies, "Go fuck yourself. Like I'd advertise this."

Oh. My. Goodness. What has Marnie turned into?

What do you think of this episode of Girls?

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