'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Recap: Edith Gets THAT News, Uh Oh

downton abbey season 4Whoa, Edith. Damn, girl. You goose is cooked. Or, you know, cooking. As the case may be. I'm giving away too much already. Anyhoo, you'd think that plot line would take over an episode, but not for Downton. That was just one of a few wild stories unspooling through this week's episode. Not that we'd expect anything otherwise. I know the BIG CHANGES OF MODERNITY is the grand leitmotif of the show, but this week we seemed to be careening into the future at an alarming pace. OMG, what we caught Rose doing!



After arranging a surprise performance by Jack Ross' jazz band for Robert's birthday -- brilliantly done, by the way -- we see how she paid her musician friend. That's some sweet action she's getting. But what's Mary going to do now that she's see caught Rose with Ross? Mary is a tricky one. 

And speaking of Mary, the handsome Mr. Napier arrives for his "research" stay. And he brings with him Mary's future husband. His colleague, the socially progressive Charles Blake, is totally going to marry Mary someday. We all see this coming, right? They're completely at odds, philosophically. They're having spiky arguments. It's so hot ... er, in an extremely buttoned-up, repressed, upper-class English way

Okay, so on the one hand, this is exactly the kind of challenge Mary needs to enliven her. On the other hand, steal a plot much? He's a total Mr. Darcy. Whatever. Jane Austen is in her grave, rolling over for the 100th time. But maybe I'm not being fair. Blake could really shake things up at Downton.

I'm so happy for Alfred! He's realizing his dream come true. Now, could someone please write a worthy love interest for Daisy? Let's mend that broken heart.

What is Baxter's big, bad secret?!? I get the feeling the Downton runner's don't even know at this point. They're all, "Uh, uh, something something I don't know gotta come up with a great secret what haven't we done already uh, uh, no ideas, no ideas coming, help." That's how I imagine their writers' room, anyway. Also with lots of tea.

Speaking of tea, Mosley is back! Eh, who cares.

Okay, but the most important part. HELLO, Edith is knocked up! And after so very little sex, too. Oh man oh man, whatcha gonna do? Poor thing, and Michael still totally AWOL. It was almost weird how little attention this plot point got, but I'm sure it'll blow up next week. Can't wait!

Do you think we'll finally hear from Michael Gregson next episode, or will he make us/Edith squirm some more?


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