'Walking Dead' Spoilers Hint at Governor's Return & Carl's Mysterious Loss

Walking DeadNow that we're just days from The Walking Dead's midseason premiere, the lucky bastards at TV Guide have started doling out some intriguing hints about the much-anticipated season 4 episode 9 that's scheduled to air on February 9th. Not only did they get an early look at the premiere, they're teasing us about what they know. Damn you, television critics who lord your press access over the rest of us unwashed peasants, I refuse to play your little game of -- oh who am I kidding. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS, TV GUIDE.

The latest scoop from the critics' corner confirms that we will in fact get some major backstory on Michonne, but also that we can expect to see the Governor again. What? The Governor as in the guy who straight-up died at the end of the midseason finale? Apparently so -- and there's an equally eyebrow-raising hint about Carl.


Here's what TV Guide posted in response to a reader's request for inside info on the return of The Walking Dead:

Don't expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor — whom you will see again — Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!) In other news, it won't be long before this mystery is blown wide open.

"This mystery" refers to the moment earlier in the season when Michonne reacted so emotionally to holding baby Judith. Here's what showrunner Scott Gimple said about the scene:

You saw her holding that baby and crying and that is absolutely in service to a story. That wasn't random. Your questions will be answered. That is an important moment for the character and the series.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman added,

At the end of this season, you'll learn more about Michonne than all of Season 3. That scene in Episode 2 with Michonne is the beginning of a very long story about her that will be told over the course of this season that is going to really open her character up. We're going to see what really makes her tick.

So it definitely sounds like we can expect to get deeper into Michonne's story during the midseason premiere, but what's that business about the Governor? We'll "see him again"?  

The rumor mill was churning a while back on the possibility that the Governor didn't really die, but personally, I'm guessing the scene or scenes in the midseason premiere that involve him will be a flashback. I guess he might reappear as a walker, although that would make Walking Dead producer Gale Hurd a liar. As she's said in interviews, "That was a head shot!"

Moving on to Carl: what could he lose that would be important to him? Comics fans knows he loses something later in the story that's fairly, ah, close to him. But for now I'm thinking … maybe that one treasured photo of his family? While the obvious guess is his hat, I don't think there's any way the show would ditch something that's so visually integral to his character. Losing the photo feels like it would work with his overall storyline of becoming increasingly independent -- and detached.

What do you think about these teases? Any thoughts on how the Governor will return, or what Carl loses?

Image via AMC

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