'Seinfeld' Reunion Finally Confirmed & 'Secret' Plot Will Be ... Yada Yada Yada


Please excuse me while I try as hard as I possibly can to contain my excitement over the fact that a Seinfeld reunion is actually happening -- because I'm seriously coming out of my skin over here!

Die hard fans of the show like myself have dreamed that at some point, the day would arrive and we'd finally find out what happened to Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine once they'd served their one year prison sentence -- and now that time is here!

Oh yes, people -- Jerry Seinfeld himself confirmed it. All we know is that "it's a secret project," and it's set to happen sometime soon.


And all I can think is PLEASE for the love of all that is good and holy -- don't let the reunion happen in the form of a Super Bowl commercial. Supposedly Seinfeld indicated that it will be more than that -- but let's not forget that he is a comedian, for crying out loud. The joke will totally be on us if that's all this turns out to be.

Oh, and Jerry also insists that getting the gang back together will only be a one time deal, so we shouldn't get our hopes up about them resurrecting the series or anything amazeballs like that.

OMG. I cannot wait to see how this thing plays out! And it better not be a huge disappointment. I know they'll likely throw some new material in -- but some of the classic, favorite jokes and lines have to make a reappearance for sure.

Like the four of them being "master of their domains." Or the Soup Nazi. Or the "he took it out" bit -- which is by far, one of the most hilarious things we've ever see go down on television.

Oh come on, you remember, right? Check "it out."

LMAO!!! There's really gonna be a Seinfeld reunion. I'm freakin' out, Jerry!

Will you watch the reunion when it happens?


Image via MFrancojr1/YouTube

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