'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama Creates the Best Birth Control Ever

here comes honey boo booIt's every mother's nightmare: your teenage daughters become boy obsessed and thoughts of unplanned pregnancy shoot through your head. That's what Mama is going through on this latest episode of Here Come's Honey Boo Boo. Not that this is anything new for Mama. She is already a grandma thanks to 17-year-old Anna's first whoops. Now she is deathly afraid it's going to happen again now that both Anna and Chubbs have serious boyfriends. But Mama came up with an ingenious new birth control -- something that could work for every single family.


Her no-more-babies solution? Instead of letting the girls go out on dates like normal teens, they have to go out on family dates. So Anna and Chubbs' double date to the arcade turns into a regular ol' redneck family affair.

Her ominious warning to one of the boys, "You better keep your tic tac and skittles in your pants." He got the message loud and clear.

It works. It's quite possibly the best birth control ever invented. No guy can get in the mood with Mama, Sugar Bear, Honey Boo Boo, and Pumpkin all on boner patrol. They shouted and stepped in every time the boys moved in for a kiss. And it's not just on dates.  Mama's watchful eye was in overdrive even when the boys visited the house.

As Chubbs' man tries to give her a gift, she is watching like a hawk from the doorway. "I can help the girls not make the mistakes I made," she said of having two kids by age 17. Then when she realizes both girls scored promise rings from their beaus, she has even more reason to worry: "I'm really concerned about my girls making commitments at such a young age."

But she softens a bit by the end, happy that they have a chance to experience teenage love -- as long as they don't come home with a baby bump, of course.

Would you ever go on a "family date" with your teen?


Image via DCL/TLC

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