Ellen's Super Bowl Ad Will Make You Forget 'What Does the Fox Say?' (VIDEO)

EllenGather 'round, young people, and let the crotchety old Stir writer tell you a wild and exotic tale from long ago ... when Super Bowl commercials actually aired during the game, and not a minute beforehand. Why, we had to wait through hours of football to see all the ads! Uphill, both ways, in the snow! Now you whippersnappers can see the newfangled branding campaigns on the interwebs with just a click of your thingamamouse -- like, for instance, Ellen DeGeneres’s awesome fairytale-themed spot for Beats Music.

Considering the astronomical cost of airing a commercial during the Super Bowl, I'm not surprised companies have been gearing up by promoting their ... uh, promotions. And if anyone can make an ad fun to watch, it's Ellen, who shared the clip on her talk show today. In it, she plays a sort of hipster Goldilocks who samples the Three Bears' music, and -- well, it's hard to explain, but it's very cute.


Replace porridge, chairs, and beds with music, and you've got the general idea of what Ellen gets up to when she sneaks into the Three Bears' swanky urban condo. The whole thing ends in an Ellen-erific dance party, thanks to the streaming power of Beats Music (which I guess is a music app that works similarly to Pandora?). Check it out:

Okay, three things:

• Ellen really looks amazing for being 56. And I will never get tired of watching her dance.

• I'm in love with her manicure.

• Did you see the bigass "MAMA" cowboy belt buckle? Nice detail work, ad agency.

All the lucky Ellen Show studio audience members who previewed the clip also got a new smartphone -- loaded with Beats, of course. You get a Beats! And you get a Beats! EVERYONE GETS A BEATS!

Anyway, the best part about seeing all these clever, feel-good ads now is that you can actually leave the room during the Super Bowl without missing a thing -- AND you can ruin it for other people if you want. "Oh, the Ellen video?" you can say airily, as you head off to get more nachos. "Saw it already. At the end she dances with a bunch of bears and wolves. Also, the Budweiser horses stop the driver from taking back the puppy."

What did you think of Ellen's Super Bowl clip?

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