'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Biggest Crush Is Completely Doomed

Bachelor Juan Pablo and Sharleen JoyntAs a newly dubbed fan of The Bachelor, I've gotta admit I look forward to Monday nights every week. All this sexual tension unfolding before my eyes, there's nothin' better. But you know what I can't stand? The amount of AWKWARDNESS between Juan Pablo Galavis and the woman who seems to be his #1 pick for now -- Sharleen Joynt.

When he gave her that first impression rose, I think we were all a little shocked, but heck, it was the first night, the man was under a lot of pressure, so many of us let is slide. That awkward kiss on the football field? Yeah, that's when their relationship became almost unbearable to watch.

And you know what? Sounds like host Chris Harrison totally agrees. In his latest Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris says Juan Pablo and Sharleen have "zero chemistry." THANK YOU, my friend.


I understand that when a woman plays hard to get and comes off a bit on the awkward side, it can be intriguing to a potential suitor. But even so, Juan Pablo is looking for love. Juan Pablo is looking for a woman who can be a mother to his adorable daughter Camilla. Sharleen confessed she DOESN'T want to have children on Monday night's episode. How in the world can Juan Pablo think that his lifestyle aligns with hers after hearing that?!

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Harrison really does say it best when he says, "You just have to wonder how long a relationship can survive like this."

True statement, Chris. And it makes me wonder -- how would things change if Juan and Chris, or Juan and anybody for that matter, were able to talk more openly about his interactions with these ladies and his feelings? Would getting someone else's input help him make better decisions? (Answer: Um, YES!)

Personally, I'm hoping to see Sharleen go down in the next two episodes. No offense to the beautiful woman, but Juan Pablo needs to start thinking with the right head here. And if he's got any smarts inside that sexy one on his shoulders, he'll soon realize that Sharleen has got to GO.

Whom do you want Juan Pablo to end up with?


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