Jenelle Evans' Superficial Concerns for Her Baby Are Troubling

jenelle evansAfter her latest Instagram, we are not sure that Jenelle Evans is quite ready for her second baby.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a pick of one eye, along with the caption: "Hoping our child has my eye color. #Hazel I think? Lol never really knew."

While I think she does have beautiful eyes, Jenelle clearly has her priorities completely out of whack. But The Stir has the perfect advice for getting her -- and moms like her -- on the right track.


It's easy to get caught up in all the superficial aspects of expecting a baby: clothing, diaper bags, hair texture. That's not to say they are important issues -- if a mom-to-be is preoccupied with them, they are. But there are so many more pressing issues to consider.

  1. Am I eating healthy enough for my unborn baby? 
  2. Will he have 10 fingers and 10 toes.
  3. Is my baby happy?
  4. Have I stockpiled enough diapers and wipes?
  5. Do I have enough onesies to get through a day of clothing changes?
  6. Do I have a carseat to bring him home in?
  7. Having help (perhaps a mother, sister, or friend) for the babies first few days or weeks at home.
  8. Should I be worried about SIDS?
  9. Will she have everything she needs?
  10. Should I breastfeed?
  11. How will I cure colic?
  12. Should I make everyone Purell before touching him?
  13. Do I have a supportive partner who will be there for our baby?

For most moms, all the issues above are far more important than worrying about your baby's eye color. The reason? We want the best for our kids and part of that means making sure they are well taken care of. Though that can be a battle for some new or, in the case of Jenelle, young parents.

The important thing to remember is that babies are some of the most vulnerable, needy beings on this earth. Parenting them is hard work, but also a great privelege. Hopefully all moms come to realize this.

What are other things a mom-to-be needs to be concerned about?


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