Kailyn Lowry’s Fears for Her Kids Could Mean the End of 'Teen Mom 2'

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry is used to the spotlight. After all, she's been under its warm glow since MTV selected her for 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom 2. Being famous and easily recognized is old hat for this professional, and she handles it with true aplomb. But she's not the only famous face in her family. Lately, Kailyn's been speaking out about what she might have to do to spare her kids from the downsides of fame.

Her time on T.V. as a young mother has made her sons Isaac and now baby Lincoln celebs in their own right. While people spend most of their time raving over the little boys' cuteness, that doesn't mean Kailyn is inured to the potential about-face nature of fans. Of course she worries about how fame will impact her kids, that's totally natural!


But the comments Kailyn's been making lately paint a more serious picture. It sounds like the proud mama is seriously thinking about pulling away from the business altogether in order to make a more normal life with hubby Javi Marroquin and the two other men in her life. Kailyn says:

[P]retty soon it'll all be over and I think people will slowly not be able to not recognize the kids.

Wait, wait, wait, wait -- what?! Is Kailyn quietly revealing that Teen Mom 2 is ending? And this right on the heels of season 6 starting to shoot? While obviously Kailyn needs to do whatever is right for her family, hers is a presence we would miss like crazy on the show. Her leaving could sound the death knell for this particular branch of the popular franchise. Say it ain't so, Kailyn! 

If Kailyn left the show, would you keep watching?


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