Did Sean Lowe & Catherine Lie About Having Premarital Sex? (VIDEO)

Sean Lowe lie detector test

The sex that they've insisted they were not having during their entire engagement has been a hot topic of conversation for months on end. That's why Jimmy Kimmel asked Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudidi to take a lie detector test before their wedding to find out whether or not they really did do the whole abstinence thing.

I mean, come on -- did you honestly believe them time after time when they insisted they hadn't gotten busy between the sheets ... like not even once?

You know how things get in the heat of the moment. Especially when alcohol is involved. Even if they didn't complete the act, odds are good that Sean and Catherine slipped up a little bit ... right?

Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Just wait until you hear the results of the polygraph test.


Check out this video clip to find out whether or not they did the dirty.


OMG. Seriously? Sean and Catherine were actually able to hold back their sexual urges for an entire 16 months?!? That's a long time, people. Especially considering both of them have had sex in the past. If you know exactly what you're missing, it only makes not having it that much more difficult.

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But I guess the good news is now they are officially married and don't have to restrain themselves. You know they'll probably spend most of their time on their honeymoon indoors in an effort to make up for lost time.

It's the same concept as when you go without something like sugar for months on end, and then you finally tell yourself you can have it again and it's all you want. 

Although, amid reports that Sean and Catherine are traveling to Tahiti then Bora Bora to celebrate their nuptials, it's almost a shame that they may not make it out of their hotel suite.

Are you surprised that Sean and Catherine held true to their vow of celibacy?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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