Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Share Romantic Reminder of What Keeps Them Together

Catelynn and Tyler Teen Mom can be a tough show to watch sometimes, even if you're die-hard fan. That's why Catelynn Lowell and her fiance Tyler Baltierra are such a breath of fresh air -- basically all the time. With all the heartache, obstacles, and stresses the cast endures, Catelynn and Tyler have distinguished themselves from the pack by always being there for each other, even when things get difficult.

I mean, when we met them, they'd decided to give their baby up for adoption and their respective mom and dad were in a romantic relationship. Talk about complex family dynamics. They were just 18 pages of over-written stage directions away from being a Eugene O'Neill play, amiright? They've weathered so much together and they are still going strong.


I mean, for pity's sake, they have been together since they were in the seventh grade! Think back to whom you were dating in seventh grade. Now imagine STILL BEING WITH THAT PERSON. You'd either have to be completely insane or totally convinced that you've found your once-and-future soul-mate. For Catelynn and Tyler, it's definitely the latter.

Catelynn made this clear when she shared a great throwback photo of her and Tyler from their 16 & Pregnant days. Look at those babies having babies! Can you believe that much time has passed? I mean, they're both still as fresh and unsullied as newly driven snow, but this photo! It's kind of too much. Catelynn and Tyler's relationship shows no sign of weakening as time goes by. These two thrive in adversity as well as when things are going well for them. In the future it appears that their relationship will only grow stronger. CUE THE ROMANTIC VIOLIN MUSIC, Y'ALL! 

What's your favorite Tyler and Catelynn moment from the show?


Image via Instagram

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