'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: A's Shocking Attack Leaves Hanna Bloody & Baffled

Hanna Tonight, Pretty Little Liars ventured into uncharted and totally horrific territory. As the hunt for A and the reason for Ali's disappearance become even more complex, it's only natural that this mysterious sweatshirt-wearing villain would stoop to newer and gnarlier woes. But no one expected this: When hunting for clues at the dentist office, Hanna was attacked by A!

That's right, it was soft core dental torture porn -- on ABC Family of all places. Holy, Marathon Man. Clutch your pearls if you got 'em. Hanna's quest was thwarted when A trapped her, gassed her, and implanted a secret note in the roof of her mouth. Uh, can we discuss how Hanna was only slightly skeeved and not in utter hysterics? Is she a superhero or something? I guess it could have been worse. 


A might have decided they'd earned a little trophy and left Hanna toothless. Instead, in classic A fashion, they settled for toying with their victims. For whatever reason, tonight's attacks really crossed a line for me. The girls have all found their lives in danger at one point or another over the course of the show -- but never before has the threat felt so real.

Hanna wiping away blood from her mouth, Spencer slowly going the way of Jessie Spano before her in order to manage her work-mystery-solving-life balance, Emily's dad almost biting it, and then Aria eyeing yet another older male faculty member -- it all adds up to one thing: No. Good. Darker days are definitely ahead for the girls, and if tonight's episode was an example of how far A is willing to go, nothing and nobody is off-limits. So wear a mouth-guard I guess. Also break up with the English teacher you are illicitly dating. He's got a major case of the crazy eyes and potentially used to date your dead and/or missing best friend. 

Did you think tonight's episode was extra-dark?


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