Jenelle Evans & Her Naturally Fabulous Hair Speak Out Against Extensions

JenelleJenelle Evans trashed girls who wear hair extensions yesterday, putting them all on blast courtesy of her Twitter account. That's right, Farrah Abraham, hold onto your pretty weave, girl. While no one knows what inspired Jenelle to such hair-styerics (I am so sorry everyone), we all know that Jenelle's hair is pretty stupendous.

It's naturally long, naturally thick, and she loves to show it off. If fairy tales were real life, there is a strong likelihood that she could have wrangled an entire house-party (and the keg they bore) up into her tower to party all night long without splitting one end. Seriously though, Jenelle's mane puts even the well-haired Joyce Giraud to shame!


She's always making changes when it comes to her tresses, too. Which just goes to show that even hair-proud broads aren't immune to boredom. She's forever trying out new colors (though admittedly, mostly just different shades of red). Also, let us not forget her pre-jail time penchant for donning feather extensions. Apparently she's had a change of heart or something.

Oh sure she sings that song now, but feather extensions are STILL extensions, Jenelle. Plus, not everyone was born with such fabulous hair. It's easy to deride others for lacking where we've got plenty. The real question is did a beauty mishap inspire this tweet? Did Jenelle try extensions and discover they didn't work because her hair was already so thick? Inquiring minds, man!

Which one of Jenelle's hairstyles is your favorite?

Image via Twitter

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