'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off Adds Actor the Show Desperately Needed

Jonathan BanksAwesome casting news has just come down the pike. Jonathan Banks, who played the murderer with the heart of gold, Mike, on Breaking Bad, has been announced as a series regular on the spin-off series, Better Call Saul! Huzzah! Let there be much rejoicing! Everybody throw rice in the air! But wait, don't, because that's bad for the birds!

Better Call Saul, the muchly hyped Bob Odenkirk vehicle, has had Breaking Bad fans salivating from 'go.' For the most part, this was because the idea of living in a world free of the devious Walter White and his shenanigans was borderline-unthinkable. Fans were eager to re-enter his story even before the show was over, so deep was the love felt by all and sundry.


In fact, people were so passionate about Breaking Bad, they didn't mind the idea that the only way they'd get to spend time with these characters again was looking at them through the eyes of Saul, as played by Odenkirk. I, however, found it vaguely troubling. Saul is a great character in small doses, but I was on the fence as to whether or not the character had a whole show in him.

Until today, it had two things definitely going for it. One, it was being helmed by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan -- the literal creator of this particular T.V. universe. And two, the idea of creating a procedural set in the past, before Saul met Walter, freed up the playing field immensely. It could also make for significantly lighter fare -- for better or worse. It was still an iffy proposition. Now the addition of fan-favorite Banks seems to push the whole venture onto the side of being a surefire hit.

Are you going to check out the new show?


Image via AMC

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