Susan Boyle Applies for the Last Job You'd Expect

Susan Boyle Susan Boyle isn't hurting for dollars, so why was she spotted popping into a local shop near her home inquiring about a position posted for a cashier? Odds are, after spending so much time in the spotlight, Boyle's ready for a change of pace. A normal job working a register could be just what the doctor ordered -- literally.

It's no secret that Boyle (who apparently has well over $30 million in the bank) has had a tough go of it with the scrutiny of being under the spotlight. But it looks like she's pulling her life together and taking charge rather than letting fame continue to railroad her or make her unhappy. It's a very positive sign that Boyle's trying to reconnect with life before her stunning voice skyrocketed her to fame. Taking up a part-time job in the community could be just the ticket to get her away from the stresses of celebrity life. 


Boyle's not the first celebrity to try and make a life for herself out of the glare of public view. Look at Elvis's bambina, Lisa Marie Presley. Famous in her own right (remember her hit single at the turn of the aughts) and also for her marriages to celebs like Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, Lisa's been quiet lately. But she hasn't vanished, she's moved to England where she's selling fish and chips to locals in a food truck behind a pub. 

Apparently, the owners of the pub, friends of Presley's, say she goes virtually unrecognized and prefers the customers to her old California neighbors. And who can blame her? After a whole lifetime of being constantly under a microscope, it's got to be beyond a relief to get away from all those prying eyes.

Susan doesn't have the job yet -- she has to apply online, hilariously. But here's hoping they hire her! I think she deserves the chance to remember what a normal life is like. She's been through a lot and has totally earned it! Plus, being active in your community never hurt anybody. 

Do you think it's weird she applied for the job?


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