Juan Pablo Was Absent From Sean Lowe & Catherine's Wedding for Good Reason

Juan Pablo Galavis

Man. Did you get a load of just how many former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars were in attendance at Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding in Santa Barbara last night? I mean ... who knew they were so tight with the alumni crowd? (Kidding. Something tells me ABC had the pleasure of signing off on that guest list.)

But considering just how many familiar Bachelor nation faces were there -- it was impossible not to notice that one person in particular was nowhere to be found. Um ... Juan Pablo Galavis did not attend the wedding -- and wait until you hear the probable reason why.


According to Reality Steve's theory, the "anti-gay" comments Juan Pablo made a couple of weeks ago likely got him uninvited from Sean and Catherine's big day. (Yes, for reals.)

Man. It's understandable why his words got him into hot water in the first place, but whoever would've thought they'd wind up basically black-balling him from major Bachelor events?

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Of course, there may be another reason why Juan Pablo opted not to show up at the wedding. Still, you have to admit -- ABC pulling the plug on his invitation seems to make sense. (Especially given how recently he made those comments.)

It just seems so strange for him not to be there, especially given the ratings boost ABC could potentially receive by giving him a few extra minutes of air time. Not that we really heard all that much from the guests before the ceremony began, but still. Even two extra minutes of him talking to Chris Harrison about how Sean and Catherine inspired him to find love on TV or some bullsh&% like that is worth its weight in gold.

Yep. There's something fishy going on here for sure. And I'm almost willing to bet if Juan Pablo had kept his mouth shut, he would've been a shoo-in for catching the garter belt.

Why do you think Juan Pablo was absent from Sean and Catherine's wedding?


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