'Girls' Recap: OMG Major Character Dies

I wasn't prepared for a death on HBO's Girls like this. I thought maybe they would have to write in that Charlie died since he had some sort of conflict and didn't return this season, but I really didn't see the death of Hannah's biggest supporter.

Last week he was getting rowdy and punching out Ray and this week he's dead. Yes. David -- Hannah's editor -- is dead.


In the opening scene, Hannah is waiting at the publishing offices for her appointment with David. She's late, but the receptionist tells her that David is late, too. Soon we see employees running down halls. One here. Another there. Everyone is rushing. I thought for sure this was for Hannah to see that there is some sort of urgency to working in the publishing world, that she has to hustle, that she has to hurry up and get that e-book done. But no. The receptionist gets the news that David is dead. Hannah overhears this and then she leaves.

He was found face down in the Hudson River. How and why he was there hasn't been revealed yet. And as Hannah says, the literary community is left scratching their heads. She also admits she feels nothing. No emotion.

Now grief is a weird thing. I'm not sure there is a right or a wrong way to do it as we all feel it differently and react in our own way. For Hannah, she seems to only think about what's going to become of her e-book. Which, as selfish as that may seem, is a reasonable thing. It was the project that brought her and David together. He was her biggest fan, her greatest supporter, her "champion" as she later says when her grief starts to change.

And that's when it hits her. Sometimes after someone dies, we don't know how to feel. It's as if we are in a state of shock. How could that someone be there one day and then gone the next? Our feelings sometimes take a little time to really hit us. And it changes us. It changes everything. And it brings out all these other emotions we may have buried. Strange how when we are faced with burying someone we loved, we unearth a lot within ourselves.

What did you think of this episode of Girls?


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