'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: NeNe Leakes' Boring Orgy Takes a Violent Turn

Nene LeakesIt looked like Phaedra Parks' over-the-top baby-blessing ceremony for her second-born (AKA Mr. President) was going to be the moment that had everyone talking this week. I mean, everyone who deigns to discuss The Real Housewives of Atlanta on the regs, anyway. So, at the very least, me and my cats. But NeNe Leakes' 'Pillow Talk' party blew the suited man-dancers ferociously twirling like some corporate American take on Black Swan right out of the water.

The cast should have been suspicious about this sexy hotel faux-orgy from go. After all, the main source of tension on the show thus far has been derived from gossiping about the cast members' marriages. Like any good soap opera, everyone has dated everyone else. It's like a game you might play with your Barbies as a kid -- each doll gets a chance to sex up Ken and dish about it later. What, just me? 


Knowing full-well that there's conflict simmering, NeNe decides to bring all the couples together, force them into sexy pajamas, give them booze and high-end bean-bag chairs, and then ask them all questions of a personal nature about their relationship dynamics. The sly trouble-maker blinks innocently at her scheme. There's no way this could go wrong!

In fact, it managed not to for a decent amount of time. The only odd part initially was watching NeNe pony-stomp back and forth throughout the gathering. She was one pair of kothornoi away from being the lead in the almost-Ancient-Greek-tragedy of her own devising. Best I can figure, she was just feeling damn sexy in her new ensemble. Can't hate on that:

But the evening soured quickly once Kenya Moore arrived. I don't know whether or not Kenya has been telling the truth, but I do know she's been pot-stirring like-whoa and can't act put out when it ends the way it did this week -- WITH FISTICUFFS!

That's right, there was a full-blown fight! Kenya decided to stand up during a verbal altercation, which somehow led to Apollo Nida beating the unholy hell out of Kenya's assistant. And lo, not one shirt was worn this day. The episode was only short one vomitorium of looking like Ancient Rome. No! I'm mixing metaphors, I started with Greece, I'll go back: The evening was an unholy bacchanal. All we needed was Hedonism Bot in the corner cackling with delight to complete the disturbing picture. Man, that was a close one. Glad I got back on track. Ah well, alea iacta est, amiright?

Do you think the party was a deliberate attempt to start drama?

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