'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Leah Calvert's Husband Is Acting Like a Jerk

Leah CalvertThe fifth season of Teen Mom 2 opened with a bang last week, but can the MTV series keep the drama amped that high? From the looks of the show's second episode, absolutely. When Leah Calvert and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, start talking about his job working on the pipeline, man oh man do sparks fly!

Remember all those rumors about the couple getting a divorce? Well, The Stir has obtained an exclusive clip from season 5, and you can cut the tension with a knife! Just look what happens when Leah brings up the idea of Jeremy getting a job closer to home:



I have to say it's hard to know whom to side with here. On the one hand, Jeremy is right, he does pay their bills, and I respect the heck out of anyone who works long hours at a hard job for the sake of their family.

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That said, Leah has three kids at home! One is a newborn, and another has serious health issues. Is it really all that surprising that she'd want a little ... HELP? From her husband?

Maybe it's because this was one of those planned sit-down and catch-up chats MTV works into the show so fans can find out what has gone on when they weren't filming, but Jeremy just doesn't sound very sympathetic to how rough this all has to be for Leah. Even if he doesn't intend to change jobs, he could try a little compassion! If he wants to make this marriage work, he's going to have to be just a tad bit nicer!

Can't wait to see how all this plays out tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Whose side are you on here? Jeremy's or Leah's?


Image via MTV

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