Juan Pablo's New Confession Provides Big Hint at 'Bachelor' Ending

Juan PabloThere's nothing I love more than a good made-for-TV wedding. I mean, let's be honest -- we all live our lives feeling like these reality stars are our real friends as it is. If they air their wedding on TV, at least we can feel like we're a real part of the festivities (amirite!?). With all the hype behind Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding this weekend, it's only natural to wonder if Juan Pablo would do the same thing. The big question: Will Juan Pablo have a made-for-TV wedding?

The answer? He surely would! The Bachelor star recently spilled his real feelings about getting married on national TV, saying that he would think about it.

"I like a big wedding, very Latin wedding. Very ... you know, I work in the music industry, so there's gonna be a lot of friends, singers and stuff, so I don't know if that would be a good TV wedding, so ... we'll see!"

Singers, music industry peeps, the whole nine yards? Sounds like the PERFECT TV wedding to me.


But HELLO -- we can't miss what this answer so TOTALLY gives away: Does this mean Juan Pablo most definitely finds love on The Bachelor? Does Juan propose!? I think the answer is yes.

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Sure, we all have our own opinions on who the hunky bach will end up with at the end of this season. (My eyes are on Andi, the assistant district attorney.) Regardless, I just want to see this all play out and the hunkiest bachelor in the show's history end up with someone who he loves and that can be a great mother figure for his daughter Camilla. Juan Pablo's a riot to watch every Monday night, and a fabulous ABC-tastic wedding complete with all the bells and whistles would be a blast to watch, too.

Would you want to see Juan Pablo get married on TV? Whom do you think he will choose?


Image via ABC

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