Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Cake Has Gone to the Dogs (PHOTOS)

catherine giudici sean lowe groom's cakeWhen couples have a sense of humor when it comes to their wedding cake, I'm all in. Why not? It's a cake. That's going to be cut up in 125 pieces and eaten after people drank too much champagne. When it comes time for the cake cutting, that's about the time you need to lighten the mood because it's when Uncle Ronnie clearly had too many and wanted to turn the reception into his own personal karaoke concert. (True story. My sister's wedding.) The cake should show off the couple's personality. Their passions. Their hobbies. Their ... dogs. As in the case of Bachelor (no more) Sean Lowe and (winner, still) Catherine Giudici

Yes. Their dogs are now cake! The groom's cake! Edible! Life-like! Puppy love!


Meet Sean and Catherine's boxer and chocolate lab (who is really putting the chocolate in the lab).

wedding sean lowe catherine giudici cake dogsI just want to nom nom nom them. I'll take the paw on the chocolate lab please. Charm City Cakes in Los Angeles made them in case you were wondering.

The couple, who are getting married (and having sex for the first time) on Sunday, wish their furry best friends could be at the nuptials, but since they won't be, they are there in spirit ... and by spirit I mean sugar. Yum!

Sean and Catherine's wedding cake is said to be traditional, but they went all out with the groom's cake. I've seen people have guitar cakes and all kinds of sports styles, but this one ... or really two ... really shows some doggie style. Speaking of ... happy wedding (and wedding night) to these two!

What do you think of their doggie groom's cake? What kind of cake would you want to (or did you) have? 


Images via ABC

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