Jenelle Evans Tries to Justify Her Relationship With Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has been through the ringer when it comes to her love life. She's in a great place now with the ab-tastic Nathan Griffith, but she only found peace after falling hard for a parade of drug-addled losers. Remember her brief and tumultuous turn as Mrs. Courtland Rogers, consorting with a known felon and addict? Yeah. That was bad on a million levels. 

But it looks like we were the only ones who knew that. Because now Jenelle is saying she had "no idea" that Courtland had such a record or such a habit. So basically what she's sharing is that she married a stranger? Awesome. I guess the silver lining is that she got out of it as quickly as she did. 


But who is she trying to fool by acting like she didn't know exactly what she was getting into? I can't imagine Jenelle is an idiot -- in fact, she seems whip-smart. Plus, girlfriend knows a little bit about what being on drugs look like. And let's not forget, she's indulged in her fair share of criminal activity. She says she wasn't using when they were together, but even so -- takes one to know one. 

Part of what she says is touching. She is really starting to open up more and more, which is great. It's nice to see her softer side. She admits, in a rare show of vulnerability, that Courtland hurt her in a huge way.

It blew my mind how badly he hurt me. I've never been hurt so bad by a guy in my life.

But if #realtalk is going to be her new M.O., then I think she should go all the way with it. Don't pretend like you didn't know what was up, Jenelle, just admit that you were too much in love to let it stop you from doing everything you could to be with the guy. We've all been there, trust me, and it would only earn you more sympathy from your fans.  

Do you think Jenelle is trying to fool her fans or is she still in denial?

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