'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama Is Driving Sugar Bear Away

here comes honey boo booThe most shocking thing about latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo could have easily been the moment Pumpkin tongues a giraffe. A real giraffe. It was so gross, every single family member started to retch as she made out with the huge and, no doubt, smelly animal. But that paled in comparison to what went on with Mama June and Sugar Bear. This really could be the beginning of the end. 


Though still newlyweds, they certainly didn't act like it. Instead of taking a traditional honeymoon, Mama decided to include the entire family (including Uncle Poodle) for a road trip in an RV. The getaway (or familymoon, as she called it) was all about the girls, with a trip to a safari park, a children's museum, and a candy shop.

The atmosphere was as far away from romantic as you could get. In fact, Mama comments that the stench inside the RV was incredibly foul because no one was willing to use the tiny shower. Not exactly what Sugar Bear had in mind. "This is supposed to be a honeymoon. I wonder when this bear gonna get his honey," he said. But Mama is clearly not as interested in bumpin' uglies.

As she tells it, "I dont give it up too often. Because I do it so well, I don't have to give it up a lot. It keeps him going for the next six months." Sugar Bear tries, though. They decide to have that "alone time" on the last night of the trip and rent a hotel room away from the brood. It would be their first night alone in eight years.

He reserves a honeymoon suite hoping to get Mama in the mood. It had a big heart-shaped bed and even a stripper pole (which she gags at the sight of). He even asked the staff to prepare some of June's favorite snacks in the shape of hearts -- tortilla chips, cheese, and marshmallows. But I've never seen a women less interested in sex.

She didn't even soften when she emerges from the bathroom to find him in a bubble filled hot tub holding flutes of champagne. She actually abruptly leaves the hotel room for a bit.

Per the conversation the next morning, it's clear they eventually got it on, but she seems genuinely repulsed by him. When he brings up that his favorite part of the trip was spending that night with her, she snaps back that he doesn't need to bring that up. His reply: "Why? You didn't do nothin'. I did all the work." This definitely doesn't bode well for their relationship.

Do you think Mama is really turned off by Sugar Bear?


Image via DCL/TLC

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