'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Gets Nasty When She Needs To

Kailyn Lowry When it comes to picking favorite cast-members from any Teen Mom franchise, Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 is an obvious choice. She's a sweetheart and a dedicated mommy to her little family. But even good girls can show their teeth if you cross them. You know, like a panther, or my cat when I threaten to take away his food too quickly.

Kailyn got all fang-show-y on Twitter on Monday -- for reasons that were totally justified. While being a reality star (or star of any sort, save actual astrological bodies, which do not suffer under such scrutiny) means accepting a certain loss of privacy, there are places where paparazzi and fans alike should just leave you alone. 


But not all of Kailyn's fans agree. In addition to the handsome leather bound compositions they've sent me regarding their views on privacy, they also made this clear by thinking it was a cool idea to take photos of Kailyn while she worked out at the gym. I mean, I guess they deserve kudos for having the coordination to snap away while also jogging? So ... there's that? 

But seriously. Can you imagine raining sweat, wheezing along on the elliptical, and looking up to find some giggling jerk taking pictures of you, which they will surely post to Instagram or Twitter being all "#werkitoutteenmom" or "#datass" or the like? Heinous! Kailyn agreed and slammed her critics, pointing out that she's not part of a circus, just a woman taking time out for herself.

Sure, celebrity of any brand means making a deal with the devil -- you're going to lose a little bit of anonymity. But there are still some places where you should be able to go about your business without having to worry about someone capturing an unflattering angle without your consent. I think the gym is right up there with church. Or the gyno.

Do you think the fan was within their rights?


Image via Instagram

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